On the Economic and Social Views of V. F. Klun

(In prvem obširnejšem zapisu o utopičnem socializmu v kranjskem časopisju)

  • Peter Vodopivec


The article attempts to present the economic and social views of Vinko Fereri Klun, a versatile intellectual and publicist from Carniola who was active in Slovene circles until 1867 and later went over to the German side. The author draws attention to the articles in which Klun proclaimed that the future of the Carniolian economy lay in industrialization and a more intensive orientation of the Austrian trade towards the Mediterranean and the Levant Klun emphasized the important historical role of the middle classes and of economic and scientific progress. As early as 1850 V. F. Klun published a series of articles in the Laibacher Zeitung in which the views of the French socialists were presented for the first time in Carniola.


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