The Attitude by Bishop Jeglič towards Dr. Korošec as a Politician and a Priest

  • Janez Juhant


On the basis of the diary of bishop A.B. Jeglič and diverse literary sources the author describes the relationship between the supreme church authorities and a leading politician of a Catholic of a Catholic orientation. Bishop Jeglič had respected the political wisdom of Dr. Korošec and his position in the political hierarchy, the conflicting interests pursued by Belgrade and the Vatican, but intimately the bishop resented his chaotic clerical status. Briefly, the author also describes the relationship between Korošec and the successor of Jeglič bishop Rozman. The two bishops considered Korošec to be a most reliable mediator between the church on the one, and the court as well as state authorities, on the other hand, even though the relationship may often have been very tense, especially when the concordat had been signed.