The Life and the Works of Anton Korošec in the Period until World War I

  • Feliks J. Bister
Keywords: Anton Korošec


On the basis of archive records and other documents as well as literature the author describes the school years and the initial activity in political terms of Dr. Korošec (1872-1940) as a priest, journalist and politician. He describes Korošec's school years at the Maribor grammar school and the seminary, his literary work and activity as a priest. In 1902, Korošec turned his attention to politics, without much initial success (defeated at the 1902 elections for the Styrian diet), then continued the study of theology at the university of Graz (graduated in 1905). In 1906 Korošec was elected to the Austrian state parliament and kept his seat until the breakdown of Austro-Hungarian monarchy.