Plans for the Changes of International Frontiers, Establishment of New States and New Federations and Confederations in East-Central Europe, the Policy of the United States and the American Slovenians During World War I and World War II


  • Matjaž Klemenčič


ZDA, mejna vprašanja, Evropa, medvojno obdobje, slovenski izseljenci, Jugoslavija, tržaško vprašanje


The aim of this contribution is to survey the opinions of high ranking members of the American Administration and the U.S. Congress on the questions of International Frontiers and the possible establishment of new states in East-Central and South-Eastern Europe during the first and the second World War. The author gives special emphasis to the question of the reactions of Slovenian Immigrants to the United States to the policy of the United States towards the reconstruction of Yugoslavia, the possible establishment of the new states, and other bonds among the nations in the region, and towards the question of Trieste. The article shows also how the American government followed the reactions of immigrants from the region t o American policy towards their old homelands during World War I and World War II.



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