The Decline of Fascist Politics in the Balkans

  • Teodoro Sala


The author discusses the changes in Italy's strategic position in the Balkans in the year 1943. Italy had 655.000 soldiers stationed in this area which was its only occupied territory during the second world war. 393.000 of them fell into German captivity in September 1943, while many others died in combat or were shot by the Germans. The war against Yugoslav liberation movement led to the breakdown of Italy's inner power at the end of 1942. The central authorities recognized the needlessness of further military presence, but took no appropriate action; from then on the rivalry with Germany for strategic domination over this area was lost. This was, according to the author, the cause of the decay of Italian politics regarding the Balkans, especially of its policy toward Yugoslavia which Italy had been developing for more than half a century. Its capitulation in September 1943 was merely a confirmation of that fact.