History and the Legal Profession

  • Janko Pleterski


The author presents an issue which, according to him, should be studied in more detail by current jurisprudence. It regards the formation of the Slovene National Liberation Council (SNLC) as a governing body, at the Third Session of the Supreme Plenary of the LF, held on September 16, 1941, in Ljubljana. The event gave rise to the question of the relation between the international recognition of the legal continuity of the Yugoslav state and that of the Slovene state, founded in the period from 1941 and 1945. The SNLC was the first national governing body in history, which actually asserted the right of the Slovene nation to sovereignty and self-determination, thus creating the basis for the formation of its state. The author underlines that there was no attempt beyond the Liberation Front to form an alternative autonomous national governing body. He misses an opinion of the modern legal profession in this matter.


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