The Social, Political and Ideological Nature of Slovenian Liberalism in the 1894-1918 Period


  • Jurij Perovšek Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino, Kongresni trg 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana


slovenska zgodovina, liberalni tabor, politični liberalizem, ideologija, meščanstvo


The author discusses the social structure and the fundamental economic, social, ideological and political principles that characterized Slovenian liberalism in the period 1894-1918. He establishes that Slovenian liberalism was interested primarily in the preservation of the social and economic power of the young bourgeois community in Slovenia from the working class. The social and political elitism of liberalism was also manifested in its anti - Catholic views expressed through its cultural struggle, which only widened the gap between the liberals and the vast masses of the Slovene people since the latter were politically mostly Catholics- Slovenian liberalism retained this character even after the year 1918; in the first Yugoslav state its traditions were drawing to a close.







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