The Civil War in Italy and Slovenia

Ob knjigi Claudia Pavoneja: Una guerra civile. Saggio storico sulla moralita nella Resistenza. Bollati Boringhieri, Torino 1991

  • Janko Pleterski


Analysing the views of Claudio Pavone in his book Una guerra civile; Saggio storico sulla moralita nella Resistenza (A Civil War; A Historical Essay on the Morality of the Resistance), the author compares it with similar questions regarding contemporary Slovenian resistance. He determines a major difference in the strategic position of the Resistenza which enabled Italy to enter, through the Civil War, the postwar political system on the side of the victors. He finds the Italian Catholic clergy ambivalent and calculating with regards to the resistance movement. Amongst the Slovenian clergy, on the other hand he detects a sharp anti-resistance orientation which is the consequence of a narrower political basis to the resistance.


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