The Attitude of the Slovenian Communists towards the Revolutionary Organization 'TIGR' during the Second World War

  • Vida Deželak Barič Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino, Kongresni trg 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Keywords: Communist Party of Slovenia, TIGR, National Liberation Front of Slovenia, National Liberation Movement, Slovenian Littoral


The paper emphasizes the important role of the underground revolutionary organization TIGR (Trieste, Istria, Gorizia, Reka) in organizing the National Liberation Front in Primorska, and shows the reservations and caution of the Communist Party of Slovenia with regards to the TIGR members. Exclusivity of the Communists prevented the TIGR from being integrated into the LF as a group in its own right, in spite of its years-long resistance to Italian Fascism. When the TIGR organization had become severely weakened as a result of numerous arrests of its members in 1940, many of its remaining members joined the LF as individuals. Some of them became the Communist Party members and were even given prominent posts. Although the TIGR ceased to exist in 1941, the CPS continued to carefully monitor the activities of the organization's former members.


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