The Brochure Written by Dragotin Gustinčič on Trieste in 1915

  • Franc Rozman Pedagoška fakulteta Univerze v Mariboru, SI-2000 Maribor, Koroška c. 160
Keywords: the Treaty of London, Slovene western border, Trieste, the Yugoslav question, First World War, political emigration


The author presents an heretofore unknown brochure from under the pen of the Slovene politician and writer Dragotin Gustinčič, which was published in Niš in 1915 under the title of "Trieste and Other Italian Demands on Our Westernmost Territory". The brochure is the first Slovene published response to the Treaty of London. Gustinčič's brochure informed the Serbian public about Italy's imperialistic intentions, presented the ethnic situation in the Giulia region and in Trieste as it was in reality, and gave insight into the importance of that territory for the Slovenes as well as the Italians. As a solution to this problem, Gustinčič advocated the establishment of a special administrative unit comprised of a Yugoslav and an Italian section, which would have been authorized to manage the territory.