Tourism in Slovenia between 1945 and 1950

  • Natalija Glažar Arhiv Republike Slovenije, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Zvezdarska 1
Keywords: tourism, post-war reconstruction, investments, catering, hotel trade, associations, traffic


While organized tourism in Slovenia after the Second World War was initially based on "workers' tourism", Slovenian tourism planners, drawing on a rich pre-war tradition, also aspired to international health and traveling tourism. Although solid foundations for the rapid development of tourism had been laid already in the first post-war years, it was not until the late 1960s and the early 1970s that these aspirations began to materialize. Due to its pre-war advance in this area, Slovenia, together with Croatia, played a leading role in the development of tourism in the People's Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, being a model and promoter for other parts of the federation.