Young Slovene Women in 'The Uckermark Youth Protective Custody Camp' and, after 1945, in Slovenia

  • Silvija Kavčič
Keywords: Second World War, concentration camps, violence, youth, women


On the basis of oral sources, in the absence of documentation, the author presents the life of the female prisoners in the Uckermark Youth Protective Custody Camp. This camp, which was built before 1942 as a part of the Nazi Ravensbrück concentration camp, saw the arrival of the first Slovene women in 1943 and 1944. Most of these women, cynically referred to as 'camp boarders', were a few years younger than those imprisoned at Ravensbrück. In both the Uckermark and the central Ravensbrück concentration camps, women were ill-treated and humiliated through beating, arbitrary punishment and shaving of hair, while being exploited as free labor and underfed. The author further presents the organization of the former camp prisoners after the Second World War in Slovenia.