Raznarodovanje slovenske manjšine v Trstu

Problematika ugotavljanja števila neitalijanskih izseljencev iz Julijske krajine po prvi svetovni vojni)

  • Piero Purini Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino


The author presents, on the basis of statistical material, Italian literature and especially Slovene literature, the extent and the course of emigration of non-Italian population, mainly the Slovenes and the Croats, from Julian March. He discovers a discrepancy between data stated by Italian and those by Slovene authors. Through analysis of various statistical sources he indicates the possible explanations for such differences. The author establishes that emigrations to overseas countries, especially to Argentina, were greater than those to European countries. Among these, Yugoslavia was the prevalent destination. The reasons for emigrations to Yugoslavia were mainly political. The evidence of that are, among other things, also the four major emigration waves of Slavic population from Julian March to Yugoslavia (immediately after the World War I, after the fascist take-over of power, after the Trieste trial and during the Ethiopian and Spanish civil war).