Kosovo and Slovenia - Comperativ Analysis ofDemographical Transition

  • Sabina Žagar Žnidaršič Fakulteta za Humanistične študije Univerze na Primorskem
Keywords: Republic of Slovenia, Republic of Kosovo, population, demography, 20th Century, fertility, mortality, infant mortality, masculinity, women


In the following article the author compares the demographic development in the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Kosovo in the last few decades. The author's main intention is to underline the important differences and reasons for a very different process of the demographic transition in both environments under consideration. While the demographic transition in the Republic of Slovenia concluded in the end of the previous century, in the Republic of Kosovo it was suspended at its initial stage. Today the Republic of Slovenia faces the "post-transition" circumstances with its characteristic significantly altered relations between the generations, while the Republic of Kosovo is in the very middle of the transition. Its current demographic data indicates it is facing completely new challenges, related to the looming radical changes (also) in the fertility behaviour of the population.