The Victims of the Second World War among the Slovenes in the Hinterlands of Gorizia and Trieste

  • Tadeja Tominšek Rihtar Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino, Kongresni trg 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Keywords: Second World War, victims, Slovenes in Italy, Trieste, Gorizia


The paper deals with the victims of the Second World War in areas with the majority Slovene population in the hinterlands of Gorizia and Trieste. On the basis of the data retrieved by the Slovene and Italian researchers, a victimological sketch has been drawn which considers 822 Slovene war victims who amount to over 5 percent of the total population in the above area and who lost their lives in the period from the Italian entry to the war until the beginning of 1946. This time frame embraces all the wartime victims as well as those executed immediately after the war. Although, due to the specific historical processes, certain differences can be noted between this area and Central Europe, there are also similarities which were dictated by the total war. Whilst the majority of victims are military personnel, the proportion of civilians is much higher than in the First World War.


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