The Conflict Between the Slovene Authorities Carlo Margotti, Bishop of Gorizia and Antonio Santin, Bishop of Koper-Trieste (1945-1947)

  • Marija Čipić Rehar
Keywords: Carlo Margotti, Bishop of Gorizia, Antonio Santin, Bishop of Trieste-Koper, newspapers, confirmations, massive organisations, Virgil Šček


The article deals with the conflict between the post-war Slovene authorities and the then representatives of the Catholic Church in Primorska, both of whom were of Italian origin. First of all, the bishops' attitude towards the new, post-war authorities is indicated. The article continues by presenting the obstacles, created by the Slovene authorities, the bishops embarked upon while trying to establish their jurisdiction in Zone B. The bishops experienced serious restrictions when visiting the parishes in the zone. Besides, newspapers regularly published articles which cast slur upon the two bishops in an attempt to blacken them in the eyes of their faithful. The bishops encountered particular difficulties when administering the sacrament of confirmation in Zone B. By using extensive propaganda in the newspapers, organizing mass gatherings and employing party activists, the Slovene authorities attempted to prevent the bishop from coming and administering confirmation, which they also succeeded on several occasions. The article concludes by presenting the attitude of the priests from Primorska towards the two bishops of Italian nationality.