When Opposition Takes the Initiative and Communists Fall from Power (1987–1990)

  • Rosvita Pesek
Keywords: Slovenia, politics, democracy, democratisation, authority, opposition, political parties, Demos, elections


The author analyses the relations between the existing authorities and the nascent opposition or alternative since the release of 57th issue of Nova revija (February 1987) until the first free and democratic elections (April 1990). The events pointing at the classic rivalry between the authorities and opposition were plentiful, from the Trial against the Four to the writing of documents about what Slovenians wanted (declarations). However, without a doubt it all began with the constitutional amendments to the Federal Constitution, resisted especially by the representatives from the cultural circles. The alternative and then the organised opposition (organised as parties) only became a legitimate player in the political field in the autumn of 1989 when the Party descended from power. Despite what were considerably unequal conditions in the election campaign (media, financing, organisation), the alternative also won the democratic elections with its resolute arguments for the Slovenian independence.