Publicist Eugenio Vaina de' Pava, Fallen in the Krn Mountains in 1915

  • Branko Marušič
Keywords: Italy, First World War, politics, Eugenio Vaina, Trieste


Eugenio Vaina (1888-1915), graduate of Faculty of Arts in Florence, joined the Italian Catholic political movement during his student years. Initially he was interested in moral and ethical issues, but then he focused on politics completely. At first his interest was directed towards the Balkans and the problems of the Albanian nation as well as the Serbian state. In his publications he later advocated the active role of Italy in the events of World War I, notably because the Italian participation in this war would contribute to the unification of Venezia Giulia with Italy and to the destruction of the Habsburg Monarchy. He resolved the issue of Slovenians in the spirit of Mazzini's ideas, namely, to ensure an autonomous development to Slovenians in the context of the new state. He fell as an Italian soldier on the Slovenian territory in the Krn Mountains soon after the war started (the 2nd Soča Offensive).