"Our Task, Direction and Goal". Ideal Base of Sokol Idea and Upbringing

  • Tomaž Pavlin Fakulteta za šport Univerze v Ljubljani
Keywords: Sokoli movement, Sokoli idea, Miroslav Tyrš, education and gymnastic activities, physical education


After World War I the so-called "Sokoli" (Falcons) as a national defence and gymnastic movement with its idea and education clashed with the positions of the traditional tutor - the Roman Catholic Church - and was thus involved in the cultural struggle. The founder of the Sokoli idea and gymnastic activities was Miroslav Tyrš, a Czech who defined the basic guidelines and tasks of the Sokoli movement in his article Our Task, Direction and Goal, published in 1871. The author of the following contribution shall define the Sokoli education and idea on the basis of Tyrš's article. Within the Slovenian Sokoli movement, this idea was introduced by Viktor Murnik.