Twenty Years of Parliamentarism

Slovenian and Croatian Parliament – an Attempt at a Comparison

  • Marjetka Rangus Fakulteta za družbene vede Univerze v Ljubljani, Kardeljeva ploščad 5, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Keywords: Slovenia, Croatia, policy, parliamentarianism, Slovene national assembly, Croatian Parliament


This article tackles first twenty years of newly independent former Yugoslav states Slovenia and Croatia. Understanding parliamentary institutions as foundation of democratic development the author is using institutional approach, which enables the insight into cornerstones of political and party-system in Slovenia and Croatia and is complemented with some data on rules of procedure and inner structure of both parliaments. The author establishes that Slovenia and Croatia took different paths at the beginning of their democratic transition which let to greater differences between both parliaments, political and party-systems. However after some constitutional changes in Croatia at the beginning of a new millennium both political systems could be paralleled on many levels. Indicated are characteristics, which are the most important in shaping both political systems.