Slovene Home Guard death Register

  • Tomaž Štaut Upravna enota Ljubljana, Tobačna ulica 5, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Keywords: Word War II, Slovenia, Slovene Home Guard, losses of the Slovenian Home Guard, death register


In the article the author analyses the death register of the Slovenian Home Guard, kept in the Archdiocese Archives in Ljubljana, thus touching upon a poorly explored field of determining the casualties of the Home Guard (collaborators). The death register contains information about 792 casualties during the war, as well as an additional missing persons list of 39 people, altogether representing 74% of casualties among the Slovene Home Guard as currently determined by Institute of Contemporary History research. The author presents the losses chronologically, from 1943 to 1945, analysing them in view of the adherence of the casualties to individual units. Finally the author describes the operations of the Slovene Home Guard strike battalions, detailing their losses.