Island of Rab – an Example of the Division between Slovenians in Light of the Records from 1944

  • Viljenka Škorjanec Filozofska fakulteta, Aškerčeva 2; svetnica, Gimnazija Bežigrad, Peričeva 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Keywords: Rab, World War II, Slovenians, occupation, fascism, violence, collaboration, internation


The division of Slovenians between World War II was also apparent from the interpretation of the situation in the Italian concentration camp Kampor on the island of Rab. The subject of this discussion is the comparison between the text of three pamphlets, printed in Slovenia in 1944 and shedding light on the suffering of the internees due to fascist violence from the viewpoint of that time. Two pamphlets were printed by the liberation movement, while the third supported the occupiers.