Excursions of the Czech-Slovenian Reciprocity

The Slovenian Trip to the Czech Lands in 1885 and the Czech Trip to the Slovenian Lands in 1887

  • Jan Štemberk Vysoká škola obchodní v Praze, Spálená 14, CZ–11000 Praha 1
Keywords: Slovenians, Czechs, Pan-Slavism, Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, tourism


On the basis of archive materials and literature the author presents the Slovenian train excursion to Prague in August 1885 and the Czech visit to Ljubljana and Trieste in August 1887 due to the efforts to bring the two nations as close to each other as possible. The idea of Slavic reciprocity was a part of the Czech politics in the 19th century. In this regard Ivan Hribar played a major role in Slovenia, and he was among the leading organisers of both excursions. Both trips, Slovenians visiting Prague and Czechs coming to Ljubljana, contributed to a mutual familiarisation between these nations. The excursions were in line with the tourism development trend at the time.