Migrations of Slovenes into Croatian Territory during World War II (Refugees and Emigration)

  • Marica Karakaš Obradov Hrvatski institut za povijest, Opatička 10, HR-10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
Keywords: World War II, occupation, Independent State of Croatia, Slovenes, migration, emigration, refugees


The text deals with the migrations of the Slovene population during the World War II in Croatian territory, and especially with the course of exchange of Slovene and Serb population between the Third Reich and the Independent State of Croatia. It also covers the issue of Slovenes who took refuge in NDH primarily in order to avoid being transferred to the Third Reich territory. It describes the work of the Slovene and Croatian humanitarian institutions, and the institutions of NDH authorities, related to the immigration and settling of Slovenes, as well as the problems that accompanied those efforts.